Vasil Hard Fork Is Postponed Till Late July To Ensure correct deployment

As reported by Cryptolifedigital yesterday,  Tim Harrison, vice president of community and ecosystem at IOHK has responded to speculation of an imminent delay on the Vasil Hard Fork scheduled for the end of June. According to the Rumor circulating, on the internet, a major problem has been detected in the Cardano Vasil Hard Fork, which could probably delay the launch of the  Vasil Hard Fork till August.

Vasil Hard Fork postpone till Late July

The IOG engineering team is extremely close to concluding the core work, with just seven bugs still outstanding to complete the hard fork work, with none currently ranked as severe. But after a serious check, they agreed on not sending the hard fork update proposal to the testnet today to permit more checks.

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Although the Majority of Pluitus V2 test scripts are ready

Like approx. 95% of the Plutus V2 scripts have been managed to get through. However, there are a few outstanding items that need to be run to confirm everything is working as expected. As you know that Cardano developers will always calm down in writing their code as stated by the IOG CEO, in other to protect their user’s integrity.

Since the early June, the Cardano team has been running an early build of the new node, which includes:

  • diffusion pipelining
  • the new Plutus v2 CIPs among other enhancements

as a semi-public Vasil developer testnet (Devnet).

According to the team, the work of the Vasil Hard has been the toughest program of development and integration to date, from several angles. It is very challenging to the extent that it requires not only significant work from core teams but also close coordination across the ecosystem.

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The final decision on Hard Fork is based on 3 Criteria

  1. No critical issues are outstanding on the node (including ledger, CLI, consensus, etc.) or our internal audit function,
  2. Benchmarking and performance-cost analysis is acceptable, and
  3. The community (including exchanges and DApp projects) has been properly informed and has had sufficient time to prepare for the hard fork combinator event.

The Date for the Hard Fork Reveal

IOG and Cardano foundation have come to a common point on a new target date to hard fork the testnet at the end of June, which will now be allowed to go through any required integration and testing work. From the look of things and the calculation, the Hard Fork will be coming up in the last week of July.

The Cardano team asked the Community to bear with them regardless of how the news may be. However, according to the team, “we are taking an abundance of caution to ensure that we do this deployment correctly”.

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