Cardano’s Developers Take Time To Write Codes Diligently And With Sense To Secure Billions Of Dollars Worth Of Investors: Hoskinson’s Respond To Critics

Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of IOG(Input-Output Global), has answered to allegations of Cardano who claim that the blockchain project has been too slow at implementing big updates.

In the late video posted on Twitter by a supposed Cardano enthusiast, Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko spoke about the reason why the Cardano network hasn’t experienced any significant problems since its inception, unlike the Solana network.

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As stated by the Solana co-founder, Cardano has been slow at releasing big updates because its developers do not kiss a couple of frogs while building. This implies that Cardano’s team of developers did not choose to cut corners in the course of building.

The user tweeted, “Solana co-founders lady’s and gentleman. Describing why Cardano isn’t completely broken like Solana. His secret “you’ve got to swallow”

Charles Hoskinson Reacts to Anatoly Yakovenko’s Statement

Responding to Anatoly’s statement, Hoskinson said Cardano’s developers chose to write code carefully to get rid of mistakes because billions of dollars worth of investors’ funds are in for it if there is any mistake.

Charles Hoskinson tweeted, “So the primary criticism is that Cardano writes software carefully when billions of dollars are at stake from millions of users and thousands of businesses rely upon the infrastructure for their livelihood? I’d love to see these guys build a hospital”

Hoskinson Mocks Solana for another Outage

Some hours after Solana was hit by an outage again that interrupted its network for nearly five hours, Hoskinson ridiculed Solana by comparing its network to an old Nintendo game.

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The Cardano creator shared a YouTube link on Twitter showing steps to get an old Nintendo game working. He then proposed that Solana developers should follow the steps in the video to resurrect the network.

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