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What To Know About SAGA, Solana Mobile Phone, And Its Partnership With OSOM.

Solana Labs has been on serious research on how to bring crypto to mobile, last week Solana launched a mobile phone called Saga, with unique hardware and software which would permit easy access to web3 from the users.

SAGA Uniqueness

Saga possesses unique properties which include a 6.67″ OLED display, 12 GigaByte RAM, 512 GigaByte storage, and Snapdragon® 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform.

The vision was initiated by the curiosity that many web3 applications can access via desktop.

How it all Started

Solana Labs decided to give up a large part of its team for the building of a mobile effort, according to a long interview with the company’s head of communication.

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Solana has almost 10 people working on its Solana Mobile Stack (SMS) initiative, according to Austin Federa. The company, which develops the Solana blockchain, had 71 full-time employees as of April as reported by Fortune.

According to the team, making crypto go mobile is a highly secured and user-experience undertaking, which others like Sirin Labs’s Finney phone, PundiX’s Xphone, and HTC’s Exodus have attempted but to no avail.

The head of communication stated that the CEO of Solana has long wanted to take Solana towards mobile but could not be done due to many serious conversations.

Solana’s Partnership with OSOM To Make SMS Possible

To cut the long story short, the long-time ambition of the Solana team was brought to manifestation as Solana collaborated with OSOM, a smartphone maker founded by the former head of iPad architecture, Jason Keats.

Solana’s phone was planned to use a modified version of Google’s operating system. The Saga will have the entire Google mobile suite, which means the phone is coming with the Google Play Store, along with a host of APIs developed by Google for Android. 

For the crypto focus most importantly, there will be a key custody mechanism on the phone. More also, it will be pre-loaded with the Solana dapp store, Solana Pay for Android, and the so-called Mobile Wallet Adapter, which connects wallets and apps and allows for transactions to be signed. Phone makers will be able to integrate Solana’s code, which is open-source.

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As stated by the Federal, Solana will not have access to the user’s stored information like a private key, it will be stored in the same component where biometric data are stored. This makes it secure more than a software wallet.

As stated by the Federa, “The strategy here is the same as Solana Labs has always approached it, which is to take big bets and to build reference implementations that give developers the tools to build what they need to build on top of the platform,”

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