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Cardano’s On-Chain Transactions Hit Over 44 Million As It Spiked 5.44%

It is good to know that in the previous month, June, Cardano’s On-chain spiked 5.44% to reach 44.8 million Transaction count giving it an edge ahead of May’s record of 42.5 million.

As gotten from the Infographic shared by the Cardano Foundation, revealed the performance of Cardano across different aspects which include cryptocurrency wallets, transactions, native tokens, ADA staked, and developers’ activity.

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The tremendous development revealed that Cardano On-chain has been growing steadily since the beginning of the year. For instance, in the last month, Cardano was seeing in the top 10 cryptocurrency projects in terms of on-chain transaction volume which makes Cardano’s transaction volume spike by 369% then and threw back some of the major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and some others.

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Recalling the series of spikes Cardano got in June, has been mindblowing for the crypto sphere and the Cardano community as a whole. Starting with the number of wallets holding ADA throughout June 2022 increased to 3.42 million which was a 1.81% increase from May’s record.  More also, Cardano’s native asset spiked 6.46% to hit 5.4 million in June and the 13,303 comments gotten from Cardano’s Github came as a result of the growth of developers’ activity.

Vasil Hard Fork on Testnet

Vasil Hard Fork is now on the testnet waiting for its release on the mainnet which was slated to go live in the later part of July.

The SPOs and developers are now invited to commence their final testing and integration processes. As stated by the IOHK, the Vasil Hard Fork was not an easy program of work. As the backward compatibility will be checked and SPOs will also need to make one or more amendments to the scripts submitted.

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