OnXRP Presents Fiat Onramp Powered By Banxa; onXRP Users Can Now Buy XRP Using Bank Cards And ApplePay.

Recently, one of the fastest-growing XRPL-built projects, onXRP tweeted the introduction of the fiat onramp powered by Banxa into its ecosystem. The innovation was appalling as the onXRP users can now buy XRP using their bank cards or ApplePay.

Presently, the innovation is accessible to the whole world, except for New York and Hawaii residents. Getting the US to buy XRP with a bank card was the ultimate goal in the developing innovation.

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It was stated in the tweet, that Canada will not have access due to the regulations over the place.

At the moment, the developers haven’t said whether it will be possible to purchase other tokens of the ecosystem in the same way in the future, tokens like OXP or OVX. Howbeit, these and every other token built on the XRPL blockchain can be bought for XRP on the onXRP DEX.

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There is yet another DEX section, the Swap section that may soon be available on the onXRP asides from the already present section like the decentralized exchange, XRP-Avalanche bridge, the DeFi, or onAVAX section.

As covered by Cryptolifedigital a few days back, Following the May decision of building on the ongoing commitment to XRP Ledger’s good state, Ripple conducted extensive testing to get the XRPL’s capability to support the surplus transaction load brought about by local, on-ledger NFTs at scale.

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