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Ripple’s Lawsuit Against SEC Is Successful; Both Attorneys Can Be Added

As stated on James K. Filan’s Twitter page, the attempt of Ripple to add two attorneys to its legal team in the ongoing lawsuit against the SEC was denied. The move instigated by Kellogg Hansen, Kylie Kim, and Clayton Masterman, was denied because the duo did not comply with local rules.

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As stated by James K. Filan, the motion was not accepted because the Attorneys’ affidavit was not notarized.

Following the court’s denial of the Ripple attempt, Ripple did not waste time further before filing an amended motion for admission to Pro Hac Vice. Pro hac vice is a legal term for adding an attorney to a case in a jurisdiction in which he or she is not licensed to practice in such a way that the attorney does not commit unauthorized practice of law. The Ripple also notarized affidavits of the attorneys concerning the local rules as stated in the tweets.

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 James Filan Brought yesterday updates that the current Ripple lawsuit against SEC has been successfully granted. Ripple’s attempt prompted the court to grant the motions of adding both attorneys, Kim and Masterman to the blockchain firm’s legal team in the ongoing lawsuit.

Howbeit, the current development is a strong indication of the Ripple’s winning the lawsuit, and the bringing in of the two attorneys to Ripple’s legal team may extend the proceeding of the case.

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