Do Kwon Answers Users On LUNC Network Upgrade.

Following the curiosity of one Twitter handler, THORchain.BULL who wanted to why a governance vote earlier passed to have the LUNC delegation re-enabled is never executed and more also the users that the LUNC governance never resumed implies that the Terraform Labs has control over it, Do Kwon reply as usual that the Terraform Labs has no control over LUNC and that whoever surfaced with the offer to start delegation should coordinate validators to mechanize the pathway to upgrade the network.

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According to the THORchain.BULL, he didn’t mean any negative but he was out of curiosity to bring it to the attention of other users. he added that if the support isn’t there it can as well be handed over to the community.

According to another tweet by @Cryptographur, the user sought to know the reason the Pylon Gateway (facilitator of the launching of utility tokens and governance systems) users haven’t been paid by Do Kwon and his company.

Another person asked why the TFL has gone for like 4 weeks without issuing updates on LUNA V2 airdropping and indexing for Pylon users.

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Following the two questions above, Do Kwon responded indexing on Pylon Gateway is a public and not a private service. Terra2.0 doesn’t have any interest in this as the tokens involved are from the community.

More also responding to the second query, he said the users to submit their code for auditing if he didn’t like Terraform Labs’ speed of solving problems.

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