Defendant In The Ripple’s Case claims that the SEC agency trying to “suppress public criticism of its experts’ opinions.”

The Ripple case’s defendant has accused the U.S. SEC of taking an “extreme stance” on expert reports. In the late letter posted on James K. Filan’s Twitter page, Addressing Judge Analisa Torres, they claim that the plaintiff is attempting to slow down any “substantive criticism.”

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Recall, in late May, attorney John Deaton of the Deaton Law Firm filed a case letter to ask the Judge to permit him to file a brief on behalf of tens of thousands of XRP holders. The motion came as a shock to Patrick B. Doody, the SEC’s expert witness, preparing a report on the XRP holder’s drive to buy the controversial token. Faster than the intention of Doody, Deaton has expressed his intention to file a motion that would not allow the presentation of unsanctioned evidence.

Attorney Jeremy Hogan at Hogan stated that the motion was “big” since striking the expert would make it far more challenging to prove its case. Although, on June 9th, SEC attempted to file a seal motion of the Deabert challenge of Deaton which was refuted by the court.

SEC stated; “But no expert witness should expect to be subjected to a campaign of humiliation, harassment, or threats simply by agreeing to act as an expert witness,” the SEC argued.

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More also after the SEC’s attempt which was not successful, SEC submitted its proposed redactions (order to remove parts of a document while releasing the remainder) in order to prove the expert witness from “further threats” and “harassment.”

The defendant howbeit, claim that the agency trying to  “suppress public criticism of its experts’ opinions.”

Court Grants Ripple’s Addition Of Two Attorneys

James Filan Brought a few days ago updates that the current Ripple lawsuit against SEC has been successfully granted. Ripple’s attempt prompted the court to grant the motions of adding both attorneys, Kim and Masterman to the blockchain firm’s legal team in the ongoing lawsuit.

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