The Bitrue supports XRP by listing the token with 10 new pairs.

XRP hits another milestone as Bitrue, one of the cryptos exchanges extends its support of the token. The Bitrue supports the XRP by listing the token with 10 new pairs.

Presently, XRP now acts as a base pair for the following cryptocurrencies; MANA, SAND, ALG, BTTC, HBAR, AAVE, CHZ, DENT, APE, and AR as revealed in a tweet by Bitrue.

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Ripple At The Advantage Over SEC

The U.S. SEC’s claims of attorney-client privilege were refuted by Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn in a victory for Ripple.

“The evidence establishes that the predominant purpose of the communications was not to provide legal advice,” the court stated.

The Judge slammed the SEC for “hypocrisy” after it claims that the 2018 Hinman speech had no direction on crypto regulation it also asserted that former SEC official William Hinman obtained legal advice from the SEC.

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President Biden’s Nominee Is Declared As Fed Vice Chair Of Supervision.

It is good to know, that the US Senate declared President Joe Biden’s candidate for the role of the top Federal reserve banking cop, which will allow him to oversee the country’s fiscal policy.

Michael Barr who was a former treasury official who worked on banking reform and the creation of the consumer protection agency in the 2008 global financial crisis wake has been approved with a vote of 66-28. His tenure is slated to span for 4 months as Fed Vice Chair of supervision.

Biden made it known that Barr’s confirmation is a plus to his fighting inflation and oversight as the transition occurs to steady and stable growth.

Hooks Builder On XRP Ledger

According to the WietseWind, a lead developer at the XRPL Labs, who designed Xumm, Ripple’s XRPL Labs, the software development firm behind the XRPL, has lately announced the rollout of Hooks Builder, a web-based development environment that allows developers to test, debug, and deploy Layer-1 smart contracts on the XRPL

More also, he stated “One of the biggest things for the XRP Ledger (but I’m biased). Today the world can build “layer 1” smart contracts on the XRP Ledger, with our now published browser-based “Hooks Builder”, on our live “Hooks Testnet”. All the Hooks source code is now public + PR to rippled.”

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