Ethereum’s Ninth Shadow Fork Go live In Preparation For The Main Merge

According to the tweet by the Ethereum developer, superphiz.eth, he said that the merged timeline is not final, regarding Ethereum’s ninth shadow fork that went live in the early time of the 15th of July. This shadow fork marks one of the final tests before the major merge. As stated on the website, the timetable for the final testing is as follows;

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  • Goerli/Prater client releases 27th or 28th of July.
  • Announce 28th/29th.
  • Prater Bellatrix on the 8th of August
  • Goerli Merge on the 11th.
  • ACD 18th August plan mainnet Merge:
    • Bellatrix early September;
    • Merge two weeks later (week of Sept 19th).

Recall, for a merge to occur successfully, the merge must pass through three different public testnets in which the merge has run successfully in two out of three. The merge has run through Ropsten and the sepolia public testnet, and the whole community awaits the final test which is on Georli/pratar.

In this view, Ethereum developers have been doing a series of test forks replicating data from the mainnet into the testing vicinity having the major merge at foresight.

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The shadow fork is a smaller testnet that aims at just a couple of changes that may take place in the course of the main event. More also, it will update the late sepolia testnet and it will aim at the Maximal Extractable Value (MEV). Miners currently extract MEV, but when the network transitions to staking, it will be validators that can extract maximal value.

There has been a positive impact on the Ethereum price following the shadow update. Ethereum is currently trading at a little above $1,200 at a 10% rise.

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