Dogecoin To Hire Developers, Translators, Writers And Even Memers In Order To Advance Dogecoin To The Moon.

As stated on the Dogecoin official Twitter page, in the quest for the Dogecoin to be piloted to the moon, they are hiring translators, developers, writers, and even memers.

It is not hidden, that Dogecoin Foundation is working on how to advance Dogecoin even amid the general crypto bear. In this premise, Timothy Stebbing, the Directors at the Dogecoin Foundation engaged the community to get recommendations and ideas on what needed to be done to advance Dogecoin.

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He stated “Today, we’re looking down the barrel of a global recession like we have not seen for 30+ years, and I’m asking myself the question: “What can we do very quickly to be ready for the world to come in 12-18 months”, times of great turmoil are also times of great opportunity.”

The responses and recommendations from the community revealed their eagerness to see Dogecoin advancing to the next level. A tweet gave an idea of building Layer 2 which would speed up the network.

Another one stated that linking a payment gateway platform like BitPay. Then after these, Timothy got a better alternative and tagged it “calculated risk.”

“I have an alternative solution to an l2 (specifically for the speed issue)… it’s called ‘accept the calculated risk.’”

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He buttressed his point; “If someone is buying a 50 Doge cup of coffee, if their wallet has the funds, if the transaction looks valid.. give them the coffee, don’t wait for confirmation, your success rate will be exceptionally high.”

Elon Musk, A big Fan Of Dogecoin

Dogecoin is surrounded by many optimistic persons, for instance, Elon Musk has promised to always support Dogecoin and he has proven it by allowing Dogecoin as a mode of payment in Tesla and even his boring company.

Dogecoin’s website Was Redesigned.

As reported by Cryptolifedigital, Dogecoin welcomes community feedback on the preview of the new Dogecoin website. This was stated in the official foundation blog post. The foundation set about building a community group to redesign the old website nine months back from the time the news was written and they created a team who could collectively work on any future websites for Dogecoin.

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