CryptoBar P2P In Tokyo Announces support on XRP

Recently, XRP has been getting support from various platforms. The project has been on the lookout for the best for XRP and the community as a whole. The blockchain company in charge of this token has been working tirelessly to make all things look cool and fine.

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As recently reported by Cryptolifedigital, Bitrue, one of the cryptos exchanges extends its support of the token. The Bitrue supports the XRP by listing the token with 10 new pairs. Presently, XRP now acts as a base pair for the following cryptocurrencies; MANA, SAND, ALG, BTTC, HBAR, AAVE, CHZ, DENT, APE, and AR as revealed in a tweet by Bitrue.

CryptoBar P2P Now Supports XRP

The CryptoBar P2P has just announced through their Twitter page the support on the XRP. The CryptoBar P2P has added support to a few cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, and Ethereum and selected stablecoins like USDC and USDT.

Presently, Ripple XRP can now be used as a mode of payment to pay for drinks under the cover of the CryptoBar P2P authority. As stated by Yoshikawa said.

“Now, you can use #XRP for payments at @CryptoBarP2P in Tokyo! Be sure to check it out when you visit Tokyo,”.

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“With Cryptobar P2P, I thought that I couldn’t use XRP, so I negotiated with the owner @project_bbb and asked him to accept XRP payment. The first XRP payment has been completed. XRP holders, you can now make XRP payments with CryptoBarP2P! Let’s go,” Yoshikawa said.

Facts about CryptoBar P2P

It is a platform built for people who have an interest in crypto culture and technology. An all-inclusive bar for NFT membership holders, NFT membership holders are free to enjoy the alcohol and food included in the all-inclusive plan. We also offer drinks and food for a fee.

Before the payment for food and drink was limited only to cryptocurrencies like ETH, USDC, USDT, and BTC (Lightning or on-chain) but now XRP has been added. It is good to know that the platform does not accept cash settlement but all payment is via the listed cryptocurrencies.

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