XRP Token Ahead Of The Altcoins As The Huge XRP Wallets Start Shifting Their Tokens

As stated by the Santiment, a large amount of dormant XRP tokens is being transferred. More also, from the same tweet, the 7th largest cryptocurrency, the Ripple XRP token has reached another milestone, the XRP is at the top of the other altcoin.

While the Santiment team is still on the watch over the XRP data, they stated that several primary active wallets resume transacting their XRP tokens. and more also, various huge dormant XRP wallets have also begun to shift their coins.

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As stated by Whale Alert, nearly 375 million has been transferred in various transactions of which the largest claimed a whopping amount of 155 million XRP tokens.

The rest transactions were sent by FTX and Bitstamp to the same destination, BitGo which carried a total of over 63 million and over 46 million respectively. Also, Bittrex moved 60 million and 50 million to Bitstamp and Bitso respectively.

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