Shytoshi Kusama Says Shiba Inu Game (SHIB Eternity) Is “SUPER Strategic” And Has Significant Potential In The Discord Conversations With Shiba Inu Community

The Shiba Inu’s lead developer, Shytoshi Kusama got some Discord conversations with the Shiba Inu community on the newly released game, SHIB Eternity.

A screenshot of the conversation was shared on the 8th of August by a Twitter handle, Gossip Shib revealing new details about the direction of the Shiba Inu card collection game, Shiba Eternity.

The lead developer revealed in the conversation with the Shiba Inu community that he is aimed at the best possible outcomes than price speculation. He also added, that the game is “SUPER strategic” and has significant potential.

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It is believed that this detail will raise the excitement of the community even as Kusama support the flames of excitement by tweeting a Dragon Ball Z GIF usually used to show excitement for the project.

In addition to the Kusama’s conversation shared, Gossip Shib speculated that Shiba Inu could release the long-awaited game by the end of August.

Gossip Shib stated:

I believe Shiba Dev said the first comes game (Shiba Eternity) and then Shibarium (Q3 – is BETA around the end of September)

It is good to know that the Shiba Inu recently released the name of the game, Shib Eternity but the underground work started long before this time. The name of the game was first revealed during Shiba Inu’s partnership with the Australian game developers, PlaySide Studios as far as last December.

The Shiba Inu hasn’t stopped working on the Shiba Inu ecosystem. For instance the almighty upcoming project, Shibarium which will be released soon, down the initiation of the various use case of the second-largest meme coin which includes the DoggyDOA and SHIB metaverse.

SHIB Metaverse

As previously reported by Cryptolifedigital, the meme coin Shiba Inu can formally be used to buy land in the SHIB Metaverse using the native SHIB token, as the development team continues to provide for the holders of the utility.

At the moment Shiba Inu is trading at the $0.00001278 price point, up 2.96% in the last 24 hours and 9.56% over the previous seven days.

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