Ripple’s General Counsel Slams Gary Gensler For Wrongly Interpreted The U.S Supreme Court Test To Determine What Should Be A Security

Stuart Alderoty, Ripple General Counsel recently slammed the SEC Chairman, Gary Gensler, for his interpretation of the Supreme Court’s Security Test.

Gary Gensler Misterpretes The US Supreme Court Test

Ripple’s General Counsel shun SEC Chairman, Gary Gensler for misinterpreting the U.S Supreme Court test to determine what should be a security.

Stuart Alderoty stated in the tweet that Gary could not ascertain why Gensler misstated the Supreme Court’s test.

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Alderoty was thoughtful about whether Gensler misstated the test intentionally or if the misinterpretation was because the SEC chair did not understand the law. Alderoty posed a question to his followers to determine which of the scenarios could be worse. 

“In today’s Senate Banking Committee hearings, Chair Gensler misstated the Supreme Court test to determine what is and isn’t a security,” Alderoty said. 

Alderoty’s Comment Prompts Crypto Enthusiasts’ Reactions

Alderoty’s question has sprung up many reactions from cryptocurrency enthusiasts, with many people stating their views on the issue. 

LBRY, a crypto-related company currently in a legal battle with the Securities and Exchange Commission, also replied: “Your tact is admirable, but we all know which one it was.”

Also regarding the same issue, Attorney James K. Filan said “There are no accidents.”

Alderoty Stuart’s view on Gensler’s comment comes some hours following the time Gensler noted at the hearing that aside from Bitcoin, all cryptocurrencies fit the definition of security and should be registered accordingly. 

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Senators Have Different View From Gary Gensler’s

He stated after the sceptical senators noted that there is a possibility that some cryptocurrencies could be classed as conventional stocks. 

Per Toomey (Penn.), the top Republican on the panel, said: 

“Crypto tokens have varying degrees of decentralization, they usually do not have a financial claim on the issuer […] These are very major and important differences from traditional securities, and they merit a clearly stated and tailored regulatory framework.” 

The SEC said regarding the senators’ comment that many factors can be used to ascertain security, adding: “It’s not one spectrum of decentralization versus decentralization.” 

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