Brad Garlinghouse Ascertains That Ripple Will Continue To Lead In Term Of Transparency And Trust Building In Crypto Space

Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse recently noted in his tweet, saying that he is so confident that crypto will be stronger than before provided that the technology is used to solve real-world problems, he also noted that Ripple always led and would continue to lead in building transparency and trust in the crypto space.

Ripple CEO was reflecting on some points he shared during the 2022 Ripple Swell conference in London.

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Ripple Will Always Lead In Building Transparency Says, Brad

“As I said on stage – I firmly believe that crypto will be stronger [solving real-world problems with crypto and blockchain] if we keep focusing on transparency and trust,” Brad Garlinghouse said.

Garlinghouse further noted that the leading blockchain company, Ripple always led and would continue to lead in building transparency and trust in the crypto space.

He also noted that Ripple has been focusing on solving real-world problems with blockchain technology, especially around cross-border payments. Given this, he noted some of the milestones recently achieved by the blockchain company in the global payment industry via cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions.

According to Garlinghouse, the company has processed over $30 billion in fiat and crypto payments using its global financial network technology, RippleNet.

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It is worth noting that Ripple has spread its tentacle by offering Africa its ODL in collaboration with the leading fintech company MFS Africa.

According to Garlinghouse’s tweet; “Despite some headwinds, I’m immensely proud of the Ripple team who day in and day out focus on helping our customers move value around the world – whether remittances, individual payments, bulk funding, treasury management, and more,” 

It is worth noting that On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) is a solution designed by Ripple which can create a bridge currency for cross-border settlements via XRP and presently, almost 40% of payout markets representing 90% of foreign exchange markets, are live on ODL, Garlinghouse noted.

Ripple Gets Series Of Partnerships

As said earlier, there has been a good number and good partnerships Ripple has initiated with some renowned companies to grant them access to its cross-border payment via ODL solution.

Ripple partnered with FINCI, a Lithuanian fintech company, to take RippleNet to Eastern Europe in May 2022.

Furthermore, I-Remit unveiled that it has collaborated with Ripple to make use of its On-Demand Liquidity to enhance its cross-border treasury flow. It is worth noting that this company has been supportive of the ongoing lawsuit between Ripple and SEC as it recently requested to file an amicus brief in favour of Ripple alongside a few other companies.

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