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Two Whales Acquire A whopping Over 1.72T Worth $15.60 Million Following The World Economic Invitation, SHIB Price Spikes

In a recent update shared by, two gigantic whales that occupy the 77th and 46th  position among the whales recently acquired in a massive amount of SHIB worth $15.60 Million worth of SHIB.

Per the report, the whale currently occupying the position 77th among whales came alive about six hours ago just to scoop a whooping 432,308,923,741 (432.30B) SHIB, worth $3,897,697 ($3.89M) in one robust transaction.

The Whale occupying the 77th position scooped over 432 Billion SHIB

It is worth noting that the whale is currently holding a total of 524,396,585,030 (524.39B) SHIB, worth $4,735,301 ($4.73M) in her wallet.

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A few minutes after the first massive transaction, another whale came up new to occupy the 46th position and scoop a total of 1,296,926,801,221 (1.29T) SHIB, worth $11,711,249 ($11.71M) to her wallet in one transaction.

The Whale Occupying 46th position scoops 1.27T SHIB

In a nutshell, the two gigantic whales have acquired a total of 1,729,235,724,962 (1.72T) SHIB, worth $15,608,946 ($15.60M) SHIB in the past 24 hours.

Why would the two whales acquire so great?

It is worth noting that the whales resumed their burning interest in the Shiba Inu following the update posted by the lead developer at Shiba Inu, Shytoshi Kusama, saying that World Economic Forum has met with them to help shape the world metaverse policy. Kusama left the decision regarding the collaboration with WEF up to the community while launching an immediate Twitter Poll comprising the following three options: Yes, No, and Doesn’t Matter.

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It is worth noting that the community has been reacting so massively toward the poll as a total of 17,811 votes. 63% of votes favour collaboration, whereas 26.8% don’t think it would be the better option. 10.2% of the voters think it doesn’t matter if everything is on the right track. The poll is still open to voting for another 11 hours.

Following this, the price of Shiba Inu got revived and soar to $0.000009027 point, an 8.43% increase over the last day with a 24-hour volume of $195,927,430 ($195.92M).

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