David Gokhshtein Says Not All Upcoming Assets Can Be Like SHIB In Terms Of Exponential Growth


David Gokhshtein tweeted recently that not all the upcoming assets can be like SHIB in terms of its tremendous milestones and exponential growth achieved by the SHIB.

David Gokhshtein who was the former US Congressional candidate and currently advocating Shiba Inu, gave this remark when he was commenting on the failures he has encountered in his attempt to find another asset that would bring as many returns as SHIB.

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Shiba Inu (SHIB) Has A Distinctive Exponential Growth: David Gokhshtein

David noted that: “Not everyone is going to become SHIB. I attempted to find the next one and landed in a pile of sh.t. Not chase another one. Landed in another pile of sh.t,” Gokhshtein remarked in a tweet  Sunday, as he addressed his 707K+ followers on Shiba Inu’s progress so far.

David Gokhshtein once commented during one of the advocacy, saying that It would have made anyone who invested as much as half a thousand dollars a millionaire in a few days.

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“If you would have put in 500 into SHIB when it first came out — you would have been sitting on millions,” Gokhshtein said in a previous tweet. He noted that picking the right investment boils down to doing proper research and finding the “pulse” of the community, as he has incurred losses attempting to find the same opportunity in other upcoming assets.

Although there is currently underperformance in the Shiba Inu’s price which was triggered by the bear market, SHIB is currently 5,997,141% above its price at launch in August 2020. The asset reached an ATH of $0.000079 a year following its launch – in October 2021.

The good performance of the Shiba Inu can be traced to the active development team and a robust and spirited community. The asset saw a surge shortly after its launch, bringing millions to anyone who had invested as little as $100.

Notably, this massive growth of Shiba Inu has made investors and proponents like David Gokhshtein seek out the next big thing. He once openly requested recommendations on a meme token with tokenomics as attractive as SHIB’s, asking his followers to give him “the next SHIB.”

Furthermore, David Gokhshtein recently displayed his regret for not giving it all on the SHIB as the token will be having a strong bullish.

Shiba Inu is currently trading at $0.0000086, having a 5.37% decline in the past 24 hours while both BTC and ETH have plummeted by 3.14% and 7.21%.

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