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Shiba Inu Lead Developer Hints On Shibarium, Saying It Would Likely Go Live This Week.

Shytoshi Kusama was quoted by a well-known crypto YouTuber, saying that the SHIB lead developer, confirmed that the highly-anticipated Shibarium Beta would likely go live this week as SHIB co-developer Kaal Dhairya has returned to work after taking time off to mourn his father’s loss.

Shibarium May Go Live This Week

Although, the whole community hasn’t totally that the information is accurate as a prominent member of a Shiba Inu, “ShibArmy Canada”.

The member suggested that there was no official information about the release date of Shibarium and that YourPOP’s tweet may have been misleading.

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Shytoshi Kusama responded to the scepticism on Feb 18th, saying that if the announcement were accurate, ShibaArmy Canada would owe YourPOP an apology.

According to Kusama Shytoshi; “When he is right, you owe him an apology.”

Asides from the above comment, the founder of PawZone and admin of the official Shibarium Telegram group, JD’s Updates, also confirmed the development.

Notably, in the quest to add more features to the Shibarium, the lead developer organized a poll on Telegram dubbed “All Things Shibarium.” The poll asked the Shiba Inu community to guess which event would happen first – the launch of Shibarium Beta or the Telegram group reaching 30,000 members.

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At the time of the screenshot, over 4,400 members predicted that the launch of Shibarium Beta would happen first. In comparison, only 442 members believed the Telegram group would reach the 30,000 members milestone before the launch.

Shiba Inu Reacts To The Update About Shibarium

As of writing, Bone ShibaSwap is being traded at $1.65, which indicates a 7.3% increase in its value over the past day, and its 24-hour trading volume is recorded to be $11,846,832 ($11.84M).

The sudden spike experience by the Shiba Inu tokens was traced to Kusama’s statement saying; Users should remember that on Feb 20th, the new week has started, and this may be the week when the Shibarium beta launch may come.

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