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Joint Layer 1 Task Force To Launch Terra Classic v1.1.0 Upgrade.

In the recent development, Zaradar revealed that the Joint Layer 1 Task Force would soon be ready to roll out the Terra Classic v1.1.0 upgrade.

In a tweet today, the developer disclosed that the first release candidate for Terra Classic v1.1.0 is working, asserting that the upgrade should be ready to ship soon.

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The same development has been rolling out massive over time as they recently launched v1.0.5 a week ago, fixing issues in implementing previous chain upgrades.

The previous report stated that the team entitled to a total funding of over $141,000 on the completion of set milestones, is ahead of schedule for its Q1 goals. As highlighted in the report, there are plans to add more items by the end of the quarter.

Terra Classic v1.1.0 Upgrade To Include Security And A Patch

The two major developers, Zaradar and the National Labs founder Jacob Gadikian, recently ascertained that the Terra Classic v1.1.0 include security updates and a patch provided by Gadikian.

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Also, the recent report stated that the three signal proposals suggested by Edward Kim would be included.

It is worth noting that the two proposals are geared toward meeting Binance’s demands to resume its voluntary burns of Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) trading fees. 

It is no news that the largest crypto exchange, Binance opted out from the LUNC burns, requesting that the Terra Classic community create a separate burn wallet excluded from token re-mints and exempt its wallets from the on-chain tax for internal transfers.

At the moment, ED Kim noted that there will still be a final vote, but the result of the signal proposal vote will inform developers on whether they should consider the features for v1.1.0.

A recent report hinted that Garuda the Protector, an upcoming play-to-earn (P2E) game project, will launch on the Terra Classic blockchain in the second quarter of this year.

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