Cremation Coin Burns Over 106 Million LUNC, Now The 3rd Highest Burner

Cremation Coin Burns Over 106 Million LUNC, Now The 3rd Highest Burner

The recent development revealed that the recently launched project, Cremation basically to reduce the excessive supply of crypto tokens just sent a total of over 106 million Terra Classic (LUNC) tokens in a single transaction. This marks the project’s highest single LUNC burn since its launch last December.

The team behind the project called public attention to the transaction in a tweet today, expressing their gratitude for the substantial support from the community.

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Cremation Incinerates 106 million Plus in A Week

More also, the team went ahead to share a graphical representation of the burns which showed that it is to 106,101,562 (106.1 million) LUNC tokens. Accordingly, the latest transaction brings the project’s total cumulative Terra Classic burn to 199.7 million tickets since it jumped on the campaign last year.

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Notably, the recent LUNC burns for the project are this week’s burns quota. It is worth noting that the project has been keeping to its promise since its inception as it has consistently incinerated millions of LUNC tokens every week by converting 10% of its volume for the week to Terra Classic.

The project set a total of 51 million tokens at once, making it the third-largest single LUNC burn for this year at the time. Its recent 106 million burns have now secured the position of third largest single burn, still behind Allnodes’ 123.7 million burns and Binance’s recent 8.8 billion burns.

However, the Cremation’s total LUNC burns now sits at the  187.5 million level, only 156.8 million tokens away from overtaking Allnodes as the sixth biggest burner.

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