Cremation Coin Burns A Staggering Over 51 Million LUNC In A Single Transaction, Representing The Third Highest Single Burns

The Cremation’s recent LUNC burns placed the token on the 8th highest burner in the Terra Classic as it incinerated a massive amount of over 51 million Terra Classic (LUNC) tokens in a single transaction, representing its largest single burn since it jumped on the Terra Classic burn campaign last December.

According to the Terra Finder data, the transaction was initiated as early as 03:49 today, claiming a staggering 51.7 million LUNC, representing the Cremation’s weekly contribution towards the LUNC burns program.

The update was shared on the Cremation’s official handle, calling the public to take note of the recent move after the transaction was done.

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Cremation Coin Becomes The 8th Highest LUNC Burns, It Burns Over 51 Million LUNC

Following its latest significant burn, Cremation Coin has secured the eighth spot among the largest LUNC burners indexed by LUNC Dash. Presently, the project’s overall cumulative token burns stand at 93.6 million. It is worth noting that due to the delayed indexing of its address, LUNC Dash data only accounts for 81.4 million tokens burned.

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It is worth noting that the recent burn conducted by the Cremation coin is the third single burn following the 123.7 million initiated by the Allnodes on new year’s Eve and also the 8.8 billion done by Binance.

At the moment, the total LUNC burns in the course of the lives at 53.5 million as LUNCDAO contributed a sum of 1.67 million tokens at the start of the week.

The recent tweet shared by Cremation sent a massive 4.4 million Terra Classic (LUNC) in its latest batch of weekly burns.

Binance still maintains its position as the highest LUNC burner with over 28 billion on the network while the total LUNC burns presently shoot to 48.7 billion tokens.

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