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XRP Sets to Enjoy Adoption as Only Regulated Asset: Beyond Broke’s CEO

The digital asset XRP has been set to enjoy adoption as the only regulated asset. The Direction at Digital Ascension Groups and the CEO of Beyond Broke LLC, Jake Claver, believes that XRP will receive institutionalized adoption as the only regulated Asset in the United States when the Law-suite between Ripple and SEC ends. Claver asserts that this development has the potential of elevating XRP to a remarkable position.

This insight was shared by Claver while speaking in the latest episode of the Black Swan Capitalist YouTube channel hosted by Versan Aljiarrah.

In his word: “I think the law-suite solves different problems. Let’s say it does end before congressional legislation that comes around these assets, XRP will be the only thing that has clarity”

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Furthermore, he stressed: “So, what are these Financial institutions going to do when everything else is in the air, and that one gets given a designation? They are going to jump out of everything that they have and pour into this. So what does price look like in the Secondary Market when all that Volume moves to exchange?”

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Claver accentuated that despite what people may say and how the court proceedings may seem, SEC came with a lot of benefits for XRP. He further mentioned that people in the community pay attention to the negative effect alone, without paying attention to the advantages.

The comment by Claver resonates with what some Group of industry leaders had mentioned earlier that the lawsuit may be of great benefit for XRP and by extension the whole Crypto community.

Note that a popular figure known as BitBoy recently mention that XRP will be the only Digital Asset that has experience trial and is classified as non-security.

According to BitBoy, assets such as Bitcoin which is already labeled as non-security has not gone through such a trial moment as XRP.

He added that there is a tendency that this will trigger XRP to the to making it one of the most sought-after in the next Bull market.

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If XRP is Declared A Security What Happens?

In the YouTube interview Aljarrah asked, “ I don’t believe it is going to unfold this way, but what would happen, if, let’s say, XRP ultimate was classified as security.

Claver points out the following, an institution that operates in the XRP will need to obtain a broker-dealer license, to be able to facilitate transactions, he addresses that the major problem in that is the taxation method.

He remarked that XRP as security will limit the number of exchanges that could trade in it.

In conclusion, despite the fact that XRP’s headquarter is in the US, XRP continues to keep the system from falling and as well witness progress in different areas amid SEC’s litigation.

XRP has the license to Trade security while some platforms like Coinbase do not. Claver is convinced that these platforms will get security licenses to trade XRP if the court classifies them as  a security.

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