Attorney Jeremy Hogan Highlights The Importance Of Amicus Briefs In Ripple-SEC Case

In a recent tweet shared by Jeremy Hogan, highlighted the importance of the Amicus Briefs (AB) in the current lawsuits between Ripple and the US commission and also said that the Judge has subscribed to using it because the case is complicated.

Importance of Amicus Briefs

Attorney Jeremy Hogan noted why Judge Analisa allowed the usage of many amicus briefs in the ongoing lawsuit between both parties, he added that the amicus briefs are normally filly in top-level courts where there are serious and complicated issues.

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Jeremy Hogan noted that the court several briefs have been filed in a trial-cases like the Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit. He further noted; “The Judge’s liberal allowance of Amicus Briefs in this trial level case would suggest that she understands that the issues involved are complicated, novel and that the ruling will affect a large group of people and/or industry,” 

It is worth noting that Ripple’s victory in the ongoing lawsuits will prompt SEC to establish precise regulation for the crypto industry to thrive. On the other hand, if Ripple loses, it will stand as a moral for SEC to exercise its authority more in the crypto space.  

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Notably, the court had allowed a lot of Amicus Briefs recently in the lawsuit. For instance,   the Chamber of Digital Commerce recently filed amicus briefs in favour of Ripple and more also, the TapJet and I-Remit filed their own a few weeks. Two weeks back, companies like SpendTheBits and the Investors Choice Advocates Network (ICAN) got their requests accepted by the court.

It is worth noting that the highest number of Amicus Briefs filed so far in any lawsuit is 78 and were filed in the 80s to abort cases.

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