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What is Verge: Beginners Guide

The concept of what Verge is should not be foreign to every Newbie in the digital space that aims to involve themselves fully with crypto coin activities. It is important that new user understands the concept to give them directives on the basis of comparison.

As the expansion of cryptocurrencies clouds the digital space, confusion is bound to happen in different areas especially if the person involved is not oriented in research.

What is Verge?

Verge is a cryptocurrency that has been around since 2014. The original name they started with was DogeCoinDark.

To attract investors to themselves, Verge decided to use the name of the most popular cryptocurrency at that time Dogecoin, thereby naming the coin “DogeCoinDark.

After achieving its aim, a major rebranding occurs in 2016 which led to them changing their name to Verge.

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Verge (XVG) was one among other cryptocurrencies that rises progressively at the beginning of 2018, at that time, they were only two coins that were breaking the market, and Verge was one of them.

It is estimated that with the different Blockchain and coin uses that it is involved it will become one of the sought-after long-term cryptocurrency projects in the future.

One of the reasons for the massive increase in the coin price is the global developer pool and their active user community, notably the crypto company manage to escape from over 51% of cyber attacks, this speaks of how secure their system is, thereby boosting users’ trust and safety.

The Rise of Verge as a Digital Currency.

The increase in Bitcoin Participation led to the introduction of new different coins. The introduction of the Initial Coin offering gives crypto projects the possibility of selling their coin all at once. This development contributed to many good projects being established.

Also, the desire to get immediate gain also led to the rise of so many projects which are illegitimate in the coin market today.

Just like the other well-established coin, Verge XVG coin came into existence through mining, to make the mining process effective, the developers got involved in it to mine it themselves or to purchase it from the coin market.

How Does Verge Operate?

Verge Operates with the same mining notion that Bitcoin is using, the only difference is that they are user freedom-minded. Verge permits users to use different algorithms.

Another thing is that Verge gives their users more privacy than Bitcoin does. Also, Verge uses anonymous features for transactions, that is by using TOR and i2p they assure their user of absolute incognito possibility.

The prospects for the smart contract was conceived early by their developers, hence, their partnership with Rootstock (RSK) to integrate their smart contract in 2018.

This development causes the usage of the two companies as they witness participation.

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What is Unique about Verge?

16.5 Billion of XVG supply is available for mining and can be sufficient over a period of 8 years.

The primary thing that makes Verge Unique is its large supply. The number of verges XVG in circulation helps the crypto company to keep a lower price per coin, that investors can buy the whole coin and can also make payments in amounts such as 1.000 XVG.

Even though their beginning was small and they have to impersonate Doge to gain significance in the industry, verge over the years did remarkably well for themselves. It is reported by market capitalization that XVG coin is now among the top 40 cryptocurrencies.

Verge growth will possibly continue to rise as more vendors elect it. Users also get comfortable using the coin because of the security, speed, and privacy of transactions that it offers.

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Final Note

Looking at the currency’s potential to be the leading cryptocurrency, time will tell, it has been in the crypto market for long, but are still relatively new to some things in the industry.

Although they are other cryptocurrencies that are doing remarkably well, the services that Verge offers are what is needed in the digital world.

But the volatility of the crypto market debunks every factor that put the community on the top chart.

On this note, it is important that users don’t just jump to conclusions anytime they want to invest in a coin, but find out if the coin they know as leading is still on the top space.

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