It is Illegal to Impersonate a Judge; Ripple CTO Warns Top XRP Community Member

The CTO of Ripple warns XRP community members that it is Illegal to impersonate the presiding judge over the CEC’s legal battle with them.

A tweet by a Satirical tweeter account that aims at sharing jokes about the sixth-largest cryptocurrency according to Market cap was responded to by Ripple’s CTO David Schwartz, saying that it is a federal crime.

The Ordeal came to play yesterday after XRPP tweeted that Judge Analisa Torres is on the verge of issuing a summary conclusion on the SEC vs. Ripple case.

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A screenshot was shared by the person behind the satiric Twitter account, claiming that Judge Torres started the conversation with XRPP and that she is ready to release the ruling. This was all done in a Parody account aiming to introduce humor.

According to the tweet, “XRPP, I’m ready to release the ruling.”

Reaction By Ripple’s CTO

The XRP community is all away that the tweet was a production prank, However, Schwartz warns about the consequences of such actions.

This was expressed by Schwartz in the comment section.

In response to the tweet by the CTO, XRPP asked if it is legal to “expertly impersonate a federal judge.”

The tweet became interesting in the comment section as pro-XRP attorney Bill Morgan join the conversation by asking if it is a crime to be funny.

Unlike the response that the CTO gave to other Ripple Executives, he did not respond to the question by Bill.

Note that the CTO does not always comment on the ongoing court case between Ripple and SEC, His major focus is on the company’s technical aspect and addresses the fallacy about Ripple.

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The End of SEC vs. Ripple’s Case in View.

According to the perception of many, the long battle between SEC and Ripple which has lingered for more than two years may soon come to an end.

The CEO of Ripple expresses optimism that he expects the case to come to an end in a few weeks not in a few months. XRP community members hope that the prognosis by Garlinghouse comes to pass.

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