SEC vs. Ripple Case to End Mid-July Say Hogan’s Attorney

A tweet about Ripple Case ending Mid-July by Attorney Jeremy has been received with confidence and mixed excitement by Ripple’s community members.

A partner at Hogan and Hogan Attorney Jeremy Organ yesterday gave a prediction about when Judge Lisa Torres will give a Ruling on the court case between SEC and Ripple.

In a tweet yesterday made by Hogan, he mentioned that Judge Analisa Torres would likely issue a summary judgment decision come mid-July.

The Attorney who has been on the top list of the people following the court case highlighted the pattern that Judge Torres has been following while giving major rulings on the case to give his prediction.

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Major Ruling By Judge Torres.

Note that Jude Torres ordered the SEC to surrender Hinman’s document to Ripple on September 29 after a heated legal battle which is estimated to have lasted for one and a half years.

Torres also ruled on the parties’ request to restrict the document associated with Daubert on December 19. In the same line of ruling, the Judge ruled on Daubert’s motion. The alignment of the Judge’s mode of ruling gave an idea of which of the party’s opinions the Judge will consider in the summary judgment decision.

Looking at the pattern that Judge Torres has used in her Major ruling from the start go of the court case till date, Attorney Jeremy Hogan came to the conclusion that the final verdict which will be the last of the case in court will likely hold mid-July.

He further noted that his tweet on the end date of the case is not a prediction but a consideration of the summary pattern by Judge Torres.

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Note that this is not the first time Hogan’s partner had such a prediction, Hogan predicted that the summary judgment decision will be on March 2023, but his speculation did not come to pass.

Meanwhile, the recent speculation by Hogan came after the CEO of Ripple Brad Garlinghouse issued a statement that the ruling will not take months but rather weeks.

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