15 Billion Shiba Inu Burnt In May


Over 15 Billion SHIB has Been Burnt last month by SHIB Army, as Blaze token emerges as the SHIB’s top Burner of the Month, However, significant contributions also came in from MARSWAP (MSWAP) and Coinbase.

The community successfully removed 15,369,335,177 (15.36B) from circulation last month.

This contribution was possible through some of the remarkable transactions that were made which amount to a total of 191 separate transactions as the collective effort of the community was seen in the attempt to burn SHIB.

Compared to the previous month, the last development marks a total and notable 370%, where 3,269,676,832 (3.26B) SHIB 125 individual transactions contributed to the burning.

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Blaze Token

A community-driven project which was launched in May has become SHIB’s top burner of the month. 11,557,310,052 (11.5B) SHIB was single-handedly eliminated permanently by Blaze in five distinctive transactions.

As reported earlier by cryptolifedigital, on May 29th 3,601,495,249 (3.60B) SHIB which is recorded as the first single burnt transaction was carried out by Blaze, sending the coin to the dead wallet.

Blaze also Burnt significant amounts such as; 2,005,265,274 (2B) SHIB on the 2nd of May, 1,695,524,269 (1.69B) SHIB on the 8th of May, 3,016,000,000 (3.01B)SHIB on the 15th of May and 1,238,951,893 (1.23B) SHIB on the 22nd of May respectively.


MARSWAP has secured the position of second on the list of the top burner of SHIB in the month o May. The newly launched token on ShibaSwap DEX has been able to burn 1,350,604,128 (1.35B) SHIB where one hundred separate transactions were carried out on May 24th.

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Coinbase- Associated Wallet

Coinbase has also played a part in the event of reducing the SHIB supply. The notable Burner labeled as Coinbase 10 has impressively burnt 200,583,666 (200.58M) SHIB on May 28th, which was carried out in a single transaction.

Meanwhile, the burnt activity around Shiba Inu in the past month has not been able to affect the coin price positively, instead, the coin has lost value at about 13.7% in the last 39 days.

Shiba Inu is currently trading at about $0.00000854, down 0.10% over the past days, with a trading volume of $127,335,523 ($127.33M) in 24 hours.

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