Two Whales Buy A Whopping 531.65B SHIB Worth $4.83 Billion In Two Transactions

According to the data shared by, the new brand new whale accumulated a whopping 310,684,525,296 (310.68B) SHIB, worth $2,830,336 in one significant transaction executed about 5 hours ago.

The massive transaction occurred on one of the biggest and oldest cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase wallet dubbed “Coinbase 10”.

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A Whopping Amount Of SHIB Is Purchased By Whale

Following the first transaction, another massive transaction which allowed already existed whale to add a staggering 220,973,031,185 (220.97B) SHIB, worth $2,008,644 ($2M), to her wallet in a single robust transaction.

According to the data provided by is currently holding a total of 546,868,971,902 (546.86B) SHIB, worth $4,992,913 ($4.99M) in her wallet.

In a nutshell, the total 24 hours purchased SHIB tokens by the two whales summed up to the 531,657,556,481 (531.65B) SHIB, worth $4,838,980 ($4.83M).

SHIB Buying Spree

The rate at which the whale has been buying SHIB recently has been encouraging, one of the recent data captured by, a website that monitors the activities of whales, noted that the massive transaction of 3,410,721,575,679.34 SHIB worth $43,486,700.09,170 was initiated today in two separate transactions.

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Notably, the price of Shiba Inu hasn’t seen any significant impact due to the massive transaction as the price of Shiba inu is at $0.000009084, down -1.05% over the last day, with a 24-hour trading volume of $89,904,166 ($89.90M).

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