Terra Classic (LUNC) Community Member Raises Concerns Over Terraport Finance Saga

Terra Classic (LUNC) Community Member Raises Concerns Over Terraport Finance Saga

In the ongoing Terraport Finance saga, reXx, an active member of the Terra Classic (LUNC) community, has brought forth another shocking development that has left the community in disbelief. With the disappearance of an additional 590 million LUNC tokens from the stolen funds in the Terraport exploit, reXx expressed concerns about the team’s ability to effectively address the issues at hand.

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Taking to Twitter, reXx highlighted the recent loss of funds, which were withdrawn four days ago while they were on vacation. This raised questions about whether the Terraport team has taken appropriate action to rectify the situation. The LUNC community member also voiced doubts about the team’s ability to track the stolen funds effectively.

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reXx further revealed their decision to stop monitoring the addresses connected to the hack. Sharing the six addresses in question with Danny Demi, another LUNC community member, reXx entrusted the task of monitoring these addresses to Demi. Expressing concerns about the team’s responsiveness, reXx argued that if the funds had been consistently monitored, they could have been frozen the moment they hit exchanges.

Concerns Mount as Additional 590 Million LUNC Tokens Disappear from Stolen Funds: Terraport finance

Drawing attention to the matter, reXx urged current LUNC investors to question the actions of the Terraport team and refrain from blindly accepting their statements. The community member emphasized the need for scrutiny regarding the prolonged delay in completing the Certik audit, which has remained at 85% completion for the past month. Such delays, according to CosmoSreXx, are highly unusual for audits.

In another recent development reported by Cryptolifedigital, the Terra Classic community has proposed making the CEO of Binance the head of the Ecosystem due to their tremendous contributions. This proposal suggests a potential leadership change within the ecosystem, further adding to the evolving landscape surrounding Terra Classic.

As the Terraport Finance saga unfolds, the Terra Classic community awaits further updates and actions from the team to address the concerns raised by reXx and others. The future of LUNC and the ecosystem it operates in now hang in the balance, with many investors seeking transparency and resolution in the face of these ongoing challenges.


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