Controversy Surrounding Terra Classic Governance Leads to Administrator Resignation and Reversal

Terra Classic Administrator, Edward Kim Vacates his role

In a recent development that has stirred up controversy within the Terra Classic ecosystem, Edward Kim, the administrator of the Terra Classic discussion forum CommonWealth, voluntarily vacated his role on Tuesday. His decision came as the Terra Classic community strives to adopt a decentralized approach to govern the project. The reins of the CommonWealth forum have now been transferred to the L1 Joint Terra Classic Task Force (L1JTF) project manager, Vinh Nguyen.

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Terra Classic Administrator, Edward Kim Vacates his role

The controversy began when HappyCattyCrypto (HCC) reported that Edward Kim, along with Rexx and Bilbo Baggins, had executed a significant change without the approval of the LUNC community. The trio was responsible for transitioning the Terra Classic discussion forum to the CommonWealth platform.

Following HCC’s report, the community demanded the removal of the implicated officials from their administrative roles. HCC submitted a proposal recommending the L1JTF project manager as a potential replacement. The proposal received overwhelming support, with more than 94% of community members voting “Yes.” As a result, Edward Kim stepped down and respected the decision of the community.

However, Bilbo Baggins and Rexx have refused to relinquish their positions despite the community’s clear demand for their removal. This has caused further tension among the Terra Classic community members. Some see this development as a positive step towards decentralization, while others have expressed concerns about the circumstances surrounding the removal of administrators.

Critics of the move have argued that the proposal might be rendered ineffective since two of the implicated officials are still holding on to their positions. Bilbo Baggins, who co-created the CommonWealth Discussion, claimed that Nguyen’s takeover was driven by hostility and questionable tactics. Baggins suggested that community members who support decentralization should create their own CommonWealth forum rather than attempting to take control of the one he created.

Additionally, Baggins expressed his displeasure at the lack of consultation before the transfer of administrator roles. He stated that Kim should have consulted him and Rexx before passing on his position to the L1JTF project manager. Baggins even took matters into his own hands, reversing Nguyen’s admin role transfer, asserting that he had removed Nguyen’s adminship due to the lack of prior consultation.

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The situation remains tense as the Terra Classic community grapples with the implications of this unexpected turn of events. Decentralization efforts have sparked both support and opposition within the community, with the fate of the CommonWealth forum and its administrators still uncertain.

As the situation continues to evolve, the Terra Classic community must navigate the complexities of governance and find a resolution that aligns with the collective vision for the project’s future. The controversy surrounding Edward Kim’s resignation and the subsequent events serve as a poignant reminder of the challenges involved in striking a balance between centralized authority and decentralized governance. Community members are closely watching the developments and eagerly awaiting further updates on the matter.


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