Terra Classic Core Developer, Edward Kim, Publishes A Proposal To Re-open IBC Channel Before The Next Network Upgrade


It has been a celebration of joy among the community of the Terra Classic as the proposal to re-open the network’s Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC) was published by one Edward Kim, a prominent Terra Classic developer.

Edward Kim Asks For Community’s Comment On Proposal To Re-open IBC

There have been a lot of comments as Edward Kim kept the floor open for the analysis. He stated via his Twitter handle; “Please share your comments on the following proposal discussion,”

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The proposal will see the lines of communication and commerce between the Terra Classic network and Cosmos chains like Osmosis, Crescent, and Juno reopened.

Recall that the IBC channels were supposed to be reopened alongside the next Terra Classic v23 network upgrade but watching from another angle the developers believe separating the IBC from the network upgrade would be necessary owing to the changes in the Cosmos ecosystem and rigorous testing required so that the Terra Classic network can gain technological parity with the Cosmos ecosystem.

In this premise, developers will be working to re-open the Inter Blockchain Community with the block 10,542,500 only if the community consent.

The developers have slated the reopening to occur by 5th December should the community approves it.

The IBC was on the Terra chain before until the May collapse, which led to the multi-million loss of funds, which made the developers deactivate the process to prevent further exploitation.

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Terra Classic Network upgrade To Occur By Q4,2022

Although, the LUNC network may not be fully Cosmo Interoperable until the following network upgrade as it contains the CosWasm upgrade shared by the Terra Rebel, a team of developers behind the Terra Classic network.

It is worth noting that the next network upgrade will happen by Q4, 2022 and the reopening of IBC channels and subsequent full Cosmos interoperability would potentially benefit both the Terra Classic network and the Cosmos ecosystem. 

Following the bright update of the proposal, many users reacted to the tweet with excitement.

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