Binance Charity Commits Substantial Aid to Morocco’s Earthquake Victims

Binance Charity Commits Substantial Aid to Morocco's Earthquake Victims

Morocco – In the wake of Morocco’s most devastating earthquake in a century, which struck on September 8, 2023, with a destructive magnitude of 6.8, the death toll has tragically surpassed 2,000 people. However, a ray of hope has emerged as Binance Charity has declared its unwavering commitment to assist the affected regions in their recovery efforts.

Binance Charity’s Pledge

Binance Charity has pledged to provide critical support to underprivileged communities in Morocco affected by this catastrophic event. Their mission is to offer immediate relief enhance transparency in charitable work and foster a positive impact on society.

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To identify eligible beneficiaries, Binance Charity will employ a Proof of Address (POA) validation process. It’s essential to note that this validation process must have been completed before September 9, with a specific focus on the Marrakesh-Safi Province. Binance users who successfully concluded the POA procedure within this province on or before the mentioned date will receive a direct allocation of $100 in BNB tokens, deposited directly into their Binance accounts.

Binance Extends Support to aid Morocco’s Earthquake victims

Recognizing that not all residents in the affected region had the opportunity to complete the POA process within the stipulated timeframe, Binance has extended its support. Any existing users who meet the POA validation between September 9 and September 30 will also receive a philanthropic contribution of $25 in BNB tokens, which will be deposited directly into their Binance accounts.

As a gesture of solidarity, Binance will distribute $10 in BNB tokens through an airdrop to active transacting Binance users across Morocco, including those in unaffected regions. This generous effort is expected to benefit approximately 70,000 Binance users in Morocco. The distribution of funds will take place on September 12.

Binance’s Impactful Initiatives

Binance Charity is well-known for its impactful initiatives that leverage blockchain technology to make a meaningful difference in communities worldwide. Among these projects is “Empower Bududa,” which supports the empowerment and upliftment of the Bududa community, fostering positive change in the region.

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Additionally, Binance Charity runs the “Binance Lunch for Children” initiative, ensuring that vulnerable children receive nutritious meals, addressing a fundamental need for their well-being.

In times of natural disasters like earthquakes, such as those that struck the south of Turkey and Syria, Binance Charity has actively participated in recovery and reconstruction efforts through their “Earthquake Appeal: Rebuilding & Recovery” project.

Furthermore, Binance Charity offers a unique platform through the “Binance Charity Wallet,” enabling cryptocurrency donations, thereby making charitable contributions more accessible and transparent.

As Morocco grapples with the aftermath of this devastating earthquake, Binance Charity’s significant support is expected to provide a lifeline to those in need, offering hope and assistance during these challenging times.


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