Ripple Labs Donates $2 Million to Support APEC Meeting in San Francisco

Ripple Labs Donates $2 Million to Support APEC Meeting in San Francisco

In a significant show of commitment to global economic cooperation, Ripple Labs has pledged a staggering $2 million to bolster the upcoming Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting in San Francisco. This generous contribution, the largest single donation to date, plays a pivotal role in helping APEC inch closer to its ambitious fundraising goal of $20 million.

The APEC CEO Summit, scheduled for mid-November in the vibrant city of San Francisco, has garnered substantial support from a diverse range of organizations and individuals, underscoring the international community’s dedication to fostering economic collaboration and innovation.

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Ripple’s noteworthy $2 million contribution, accounting for approximately 18% of the total funds raised thus far, demonstrates the company’s commitment to the APEC mission. It is worth noting that San Francisco is prohibited from utilizing public funds to meet this fundraising target, making private-sector support all the more crucial.


Joining Ripple in this commendable effort are several other prominent names, all united in their commitment to advancing economic cooperation and sustainable growth. Prologis, a global leader in logistics real estate, Salesforce, a renowned cloud-based software company, and Visa, a major player in payment card services, have each donated $1 million, further solidifying their dedication to the APEC cause.

In a notable display of corporate social responsibility, Google, the world’s largest search engine, has contributed $250,000 to support the APEC meeting’s goals. Bank of America, a leading financial institution, has also lent its support with a donation of $125,000. These contributions reflect a collective commitment to fostering global economic prosperity and cooperation.

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The APEC meeting in San Francisco is set to be one of the most significant gatherings in recent years, with 1,200 CEOs from around the world and 600 media representatives converging to explore pressing global issues. The summit will delve into a wide range of topical subjects, including strengthening the global economy, digital trade, opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises, environmental sustainability, and the urgent challenge of climate change.

As leaders and innovators from various sectors come together in San Francisco, this APEC CEO Summit promises to be a crucial platform for fostering dialogue, collaboration, and solutions to address the pressing challenges of our time. Ripple Labs’ substantial contribution, alongside the support of other notable entities, underscores the importance of public-private partnerships in advancing global economic prosperity and sustainability.


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