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Terra Classic Community Considers Onboarding Six Samurai Team to Revive LUNC Chain and Astroport Classic DEX

To resurrect the LUNC chain and address the crippling issues surrounding Astroport Classic, Terra Classic’s vibrant community is currently deliberating on a groundbreaking proposal. This proposal, supported by a faction within the community, is calling for the inclusion of the Six Samurai team, a group of experienced developers led by Bilbo Baggins and Solid Snake, to provide essential technical assistance.

Astroport Classic DEX: A Critical Challenge

At the heart of this proposal lies the dire state of the Astroport Classic decentralized exchange (DEX). Advocates for the proposal argue that the L1 Task Force, currently tasked with the development and maintenance of Terra Classic, lacks the necessary expertise and resources to rectify the problems plaguing Astroport Classic.

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The issue was exacerbated by a recent network upgrade carried out by the L1 team, which inadvertently locked $700,000 worth of liquidity on Astroport Classic. This development severely hindered Terra Classic users from conducting transactions, ultimately affecting the ecosystem’s functionality.

The proposal underscores the paramount importance of Astroport Classic, labelling it as “the biggest source of on-chain liquidity” on Terra Classic. It further highlights that the L1 Team’s inability to address these issues within the last 90 days signifies their immense workload, which may be beyond their capacity.

The Proposal’s Scope

Notably, the proposal does not intend to replace or diminish the role of the current L1 Team. Instead, it seeks to signal to the Six Samurai team that their assistance is required. The Six Samurai team has expressed their willingness to contribute to this effort free of charge.

The proposal also references the Samurai Team’s previous attempt to secure funding through a Q3 spending proposal of $116,000. It was met with community resistance due to concerns over its cost and transparency. The team had faced criticism for their anonymity and lack of transparency, which impacted their credibility within the Terra Classic community.

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However, this new signal from the community could offer the Six Samurai team a chance at redemption and an opportunity to address the pressing challenges faced by LUNC users. It might also open the door for potential collaboration between the Samurai team and the existing L1 team to rebuild the network.

The Road Ahead

As Terra Classic community members continue to weigh the pros and cons of this proposal, the fate of the LUNC chain and Astroport Classic DEX hangs in the balance. Should the proposal gain traction and the Six Samurai team be onboarded, it could mark a turning point for the network, potentially leading to improvements that benefit all stakeholders.

The Terra Classic community faces a pivotal decision in the coming days, as they determine the best course of action to ensure the network’s long-term sustainability and address the pressing technical issues currently at hand. The outcome of this proposal could shape the future direction of Terra Classic and its development efforts.


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