Terra Classic Community Revives Network with IBC Restoration

Coach Bruce Wrangler Promise To come Back To Attend To Financial Losses Of LUNC

The Terra Classic ecosystem received a significant boost with the community overwhelmingly approving a proposal to restore the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) link with Kujira. This move is expected to unlock frozen funds and enhance liquidity for the network.

IBC Upgrade Secures Unanimous Support

Proposal 12099, spearheaded by the RakoffToken team, aimed to re-enable the IBC client 07-tender mint-178 between Terra Classic and Kujira. IBC technology facilitates secure communication between different blockchains, allowing for seamless asset transfers and greater interoperability.

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The proposal received near-unanimous support, garnering a staggering 99.99% of the vote. To achieve this restoration, the IBC client will be upgraded from version 07-tendermint-178 to 07-tendermint-246.

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The restoration proposal also enjoyed the unanimous backing of validators, showcasing the decentralized nature of the project and its commitment to continuous improvement. Notable validators like Interstellar Lounge, Allnodes, Luna Station 88, and HappyCattyCrypto were among the 36 validators who supported the move.

Security Measures Mitigate Potential Risks

While the IBC restoration is a positive step forward, the Terra Classic community remains vigilant in seeking comprehensive solutions to address potential risks associated with peer-to-peer storm attacks. As an initial security measure, a proposal by Genuine Labs proposes reducing the maximum block size from 5MB to 2 MB.

Market Responds Positively to LUNC and USTC

The revitalization of the IBC has had a favourable impact on the price performance of Terra Classic’s native tokens. Data from CoinMarketCap indicates that over the past 24 hours, the price of LUNC has risen by 2.79%, extending its gains to a promising 10.55% for the week. LUNC currently trades at $0.0001115, with continued bullish sentiment fueled by the community’s aspiration for the coin to reach $1. Similarly, USTC has also experienced an upward trend, rising 0.5% in the past day. This follows a 17.41% surge in the previous week, with its current value hovering at $0.01981.

The Terra Classic community’s approval of the IBC restoration signifies their unwavering commitment to reviving the project. This decision, intended to enhance network liquidity and unlock frozen funds, underscores the collaborative spirit driving efforts towards Terra Classic’s resurgence.

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