Opportunity for Crypto Community to Invest in Ripple’s Pre-IPO Shares Reopens on Linqto Platform

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and XRP supporters are once again being allowed to acquire Ripple's stock in advance of the company's eagerly anticipated initial public offering (IPO)

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and XRP supporters are once again being allowed to acquire Ripple’s stock in advance of the company’s eagerly anticipated initial public offering (IPO). Following the success of their initial offering, the pre-IPO investment platform Linqto has announced that they are reopening the sale of Ripple equity shares to the crypto community.

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In a recent statement, Linqto emphasized its commitment to democratizing access to private market investments for all investors, stating, “Ripple shares are now available on Linqto! We remain committed to democratizing access to private market investments to all investors.”

The Journey So Far

Linqto’s move to offer Ripple shares to the crypto community began in September when they allowed non-accredited investors in the crypto space to participate in purchasing Ripple shares. This move resulted in a swift sell-out of available shares, demonstrating a strong interest in investing in Ripple stocks.

Investing in Ripple Shares via Linqto

Acquiring Ripple shares through the Linqto platform involves several steps, including creating an account and verifying it with a government-issued identification. Once the account is set up, investors can access the investment page. Similar to the previous offering, interested investors must allocate a minimum of $2,500 to acquire pre-IPO Ripple shares. The shares are priced at $60.08 each, marking a significant increase from the $35 value observed on June 1.

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Linqto’s platform offers a discount for investors committing at least $10,000, allowing them to purchase shares at a reduced price of $57.21 per share.

Funding Methods

Linqto provides two funding methods for users. The most efficient option is debit card funding through the Uphold Exchange, offering a streamlined process. The alternative method involves a bank transfer, which may take up to three working days to reflect in the investor’s account.

Global Accessibility and Legal Considerations

The recent announcement prompted questions from some individuals regarding whether this investment opportunity is exclusively available to U.S.-based investors. Linqto, however, has not provided a specific response to such inquiries at the time of reporting.

The terms and conditions set by Linq suggest that individuals outside the United States seeking to participate in this investment opportunity should conduct their legal research to ensure it complies with their jurisdiction. Linqto does not explicitly limit the opportunity to U.S. residents but also refrains from declaring it open to any other jurisdiction. This cautious stance aims to mitigate potential legal complexities and ensure compliance with local laws.

Linqto’s terms and conditions state, “If you choose to access this Application from other locations, you do so at your initiative and are responsible for compliance with applicable local laws. You may not use or export the Materials in violation of U.S. laws and regulations.”

The reopening of the opportunity to invest in Ripple’s pre-IPO shares on the Linqto platform is likely to be met with significant interest from crypto investors and XRP enthusiasts, further fueling anticipation for Ripple’s upcoming IPO.


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