Shiba Inu’s Shibarium Achieves Top 5 Ranking on NOWNodes, Sparks Enthusiasm from Community

In a recent announcement, blockchain service provider NOWNodes disclosed a significant milestone for Shibarium, the Shiba Inu-focused blockchain. The platform revealed a need to scale its capacity to meet the growing demand for Shibarium, a move that has elevated it to the Top 5 most active networks on NOWNodes.

The news caught the attention of the official Shiba Inu X handle, prompting an excited “Woof” comment from the Shiba Inu team. The team expressed their enthusiasm, stating, “Woof! Scaling to new heights. Shibarium just entered the Top 5 most active networks on NOWNodes, and we’re just getting warmed up.”

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Shibarium RPC

This achievement comes just two months after NOWNodes deployed the Shibarium Remote Procedure Call (RPC) node, highlighting the rapid growth and adoption of Shibarium within the blockchain community.

NOWNodes introduced the Shibarium RPC Full Node in September, providing blockchain developers with extensive possibilities. The launch statement emphasized the ease with which software engineers can incorporate Shiba Inu RPC nodes into their crypto projects, empower infrastructure, and complete node maintenance in under an hour.

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However, the surge in demand following Shibarium support on NOWNodes necessitated an increase in capacities for Shibarium RPC Node utilization. NOWNodes acknowledged this in a statement, noting, “This is a necessary step to welcome more requests and calls plus integrate partners with bigger volume.”

Remote Procedure Call (RPC) nodes play a crucial role in blockchain infrastructure by facilitating seamless interactions between external services and the network. As connectors, they enable developers to transmit and receive requests to and from the blockchain, enhancing the overall functionality of the ecosystem.

Following the deployment of the Shibarium RPC Full Node, NOWNodes integrated Shibarium Tech Suite bots to further enhance the capabilities of automated DeFi tools. The suite includes AI services such as the Sniper Bot, Live Pairing Bot, Trending Bot, and Buy Bot.

In a similar vein, in October, NOWNodes announced its integration with 0xShibarium AI, a renowned all-in-one solution designed specifically for Shibarium. This integration is expected to contribute to the continued growth and sophistication of the Shibarium ecosystem.

As Shibarium continues to gain traction and climb the ranks on NOWNodes, the Shiba Inu community anticipates further developments and innovations in the realm of decentralized finance (DeFi) and blockchain technology.


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