Terra Classic Development Expands as Binance Introduces USTC Trading Pairs Alongside BLUR, DYDX, and SUPER”

Binance conducts 12 LUNC Burn

In a significant stride for the Terra Classic (LUNC) ecosystem, Binance, a global cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the introduction of new trading pairs featuring USTC (Terra Classic’s algorithmic stablecoin) alongside BLUR, DYDX, and SUPER. Scheduled to commence trading on November 30, 2023, at 08:00 (UTC), these additions mark a pivotal moment for Terra Classic’s development and offer users expanded opportunities for engagement within the ecosystem.

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Diversification of Trading Pairs

  1. BLUR/FDUSD Trading Pair:
  • The inclusion of the BLUR/FDUSD trading pair expands the range of assets available for trading on Binance, providing users with exposure to Blur Network’s native token against FDUSD.
  1. DYDX/TRY Trading Pair:
  • The introduction of the DYDX/TRY trading pair signifies Binance’s commitment to catering to diverse market interests, allowing users to trade dYdX’s native token against the Turkish Lira (TRY).
  1. SUPER/FDUSD Trading Pair:
  • SUPER/FDUSD brings SuperFarm’s native token into the fold, offering users the opportunity to trade against FDUSD and participate in SuperFarm’s ecosystem.
  1. USTC/FDUSD and USTC/TRY Trading Pairs:
  • The spotlight is on Terra Classic’s USTC, with the introduction of USTC/FDUSD and USTC/TRY trading pairs. This move enhances accessibility and liquidity for USTC, the algorithmic stablecoin at the heart of the Terra Classic blockchain.

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Impact on Terra Classic Development

  1. Increased Liquidity:
  • The addition of USTC trading pairs on Binance is expected to enhance liquidity for Terra Classic’s native token, providing users with more avenues to trade and participate in the ecosystem.
  1. Market Exposure for Terra Classic:
  • The inclusion of USTC trading pairs on a prominent exchange like Binance amplifies market exposure for Terra Classic, potentially attracting new users and investors to the ecosystem.
  1. Integration with Global Markets:
  • The trading pairs’ introduction aligns with Terra Classic’s broader goal of integrating with global markets, fostering widespread adoption, and showcasing the ecosystem’s potential.

Terra Classic Development Beyond Trading Pairs

  1. Ongoing Ecosystem Growth:
  • Terra Classic’s development extends beyond trading pairs, with ongoing efforts to enhance the ecosystem’s infrastructure, user experience, and overall functionality.
  1. Community Engagement:
  • The Terra Classic community is encouraged to actively participate in these new trading pairs, fostering engagement and contributing to the ecosystem’s vibrancy.

The introduction of USTC trading pairs on Binance, alongside BLUR, DYDX, and SUPER, represents a milestone in Terra Classic’s ongoing development. As these trading pairs become available on November 30, 2023, at 08:00 (UTC), users have an expanded opportunity to engage with Terra Classic’s ecosystem, contributing to its growth and further establishing its presence in the global crypto landscape. The move aligns with Terra Classic’s vision of creating a robust and accessible blockchain platform, showcasing the project’s commitment to development and innovation.


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