Reaper Financial Founder Forecasts XRP to Hit $22 in Next Bull Season, Touting XRPL Advantages

In a bid to maintain transparency and assure its customers of their asset safety, Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, has released its latest Proof of Reserves (PoR) report

In an exclusive interview with crypto market analyst Zach Rector, Reaper Financial founder Patrick Riley shared insights into his optimistic outlook for XRP, predicting a potential new all-time high (ATH) of $22 in the next bull season. Riley emphasized the pivotal role of the XRP Ledger (XRPL) in driving the anticipated rally and discussed key developments that could contribute to XRP’s growth.

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Key Points from Patrick Riley’s Interview

  1. XRP’s Potential ATH: According to Riley, XRP has the potential to achieve a new all-time high in the next bull season, with the projected ATH set at $22. He attributes this optimism to the inherent strengths of the XRP Ledger.
  2. XRPL Dependence Driving XRP Rally: Riley highlighted the strategic use of the XRP Ledger by his team at Reaper Financial, emphasizing that the dependence on XRPL would play a crucial role in fueling the anticipated rally for XRP.
  3. Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Sidechains: Riley discussed the introduction of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) sidechains to Ripple, emphasizing its significance in boosting the firm’s expansion. This integration is expected to enhance the overall functionality and capabilities of Ripple.
  4. XLS-30 Amendment and Automated Market Makers (AMM): The interview touched upon the XLS-30 amendment and its potential impact on XRP. Riley specifically discussed plans to integrate Automated Market Makers (AMM) with XRP, which could increase the number of XRPL tokens held outside exchanges, potentially contributing to the token’s value appreciation.
  5. XRPL vs. Ethereum Network: Riley expressed reservations about the Ethereum network, describing it as a “dying horse that’s been limping along for a long time.” He cited the network’s perceived slowness and high costs as factors that make XRPL a more attractive option for crypto projects.
  6. XRP’s Potential to Outperform Bitcoin: Reaper Financial placed significant faith in XRP, suggesting that it has the potential to outperform Bitcoin and become the most valuable cryptocurrency in the market.

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Current XRP Metrics

  • XRP’s current price is approximately $0.61.
  • The market cap stands at $33,088,122,169.
  • Trading volume records $1,468,492,312.

Potential Price Increase

If XRP reached the projected $22 price level, it would imply a substantial 3,506.6% increase. However, the actual outcome remains uncertain and is subject to market dynamics.

Riley’s positive outlook for XRP and emphasis on XRPL’s advantages underscore the ongoing developments and strategic initiatives within the XRP ecosystem. Observing will closely monitor how these anticipated advancements contribute to XRP’s performance in the coming months as the crypto market continues to evolve.


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