A Warning To XRP Executives On Price Decline


The attention of the XRP community has been drawn by one of the enthusiasts in the ecosystem following the recent happenings with the XRP price and the network generally, he called the attention of all the strongholds of Ripple giving them a “sincere warning” and admonishing them to act with immediate effect in resolving the price decline that has become imminent in the network.

XRP fan Mack from the Netherlands previously gave this call, creating a critical foothold from other community members. Taking to X, Mack stated that it was time for something to be done, instead of looking silently at the decline price.

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He pointed at Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, and its CTO, David Schwartz. Also, he went further to mention XRPL Labs, the team behind XRPL wallet, Xumm.

According to a tweet by Mack in X: ” Things are really going in the wrong direction with XRP”

Speaking further, the XRP fam Mack mentioned that, he contemplated selling the coin despite bringing in a significant amount of money every month and witnessing a decline daily.

Community Consensus on Mack’s Call

The call by Mack leads to different responses by different XRP fan, with some of them asserting that they have been too patience witht the happenings in the XRP prcie.

One of the community enthusisate stated: Now It’s Time they start doing somehting and fast”

Then again, an X user expressed that they have proactively offloaded 75% of their XRP possessions and are wanting to exit soon. They communicated dissatisfaction, referencing that they had gotten through critical dangers without getting sufficient rewards.

In the meantime, a well-known XRP expert, “Dark Defender,” made known that he has experienced such challenges before. As indicated by him, such disappointment comes not long before huge surges to all-time highs.

Accordingly, the expert prompted keeping up with lucidity in regard to the ongoing circumstance in the midst of the desire to exploit financial benefits. As per the expert, all indicators favor XRP, which he trusts stays a factual observation.

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The Recent Price XRP

XRP trades at $0.5231 with 1.83% increases throughout the past seven days while welding a huge 16% decrease over the last two months.

The dissatisfaction among XRP fans emerges on the grounds that XRP’s price currently is showcased on the same view limit, the same as it had been over the past five years. Simultaneously, tokens like Ethereum and Cardano have recorded gains of up to 1,000%.

Besides, XRP barely experienced an upward increase in late 2023. In the meantime, some prominent tokens comparable to XRP have gained significantly surpassing 100 percent. This becomes the pattern that has driven XRP holders to lose trust concerning its potential progressively.

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