Shiba Inu Merge With CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko

The News about Shiba Inu integration was made known by K9 Finance, a liquid staking and derivative platform, which as of late become one of the partners of the Shibarium ecosystem.

According to the post made available by K9 Finance: “We are proud that Shibarium is now on CMC and CoinGecko. Another great stride is being made for Shibarium, which will help the growth of the K9,”

K9 Finance expressed that the reconciliation with CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap will assist with putting all Shibarium-based projects at the center of attention, including its forthcoming native token, KNINE.

Timeline For The K9 Token Launch

Review that K9 Fiance was an official partner of Shibarium at the beginning of this month. The liquid staking and derivative platform will launched on the Shibarium network soon.

Upon its send-off, users can stake their BONE and get the knBONE liquidity token. With the knBone token, clients can hold the value of their generally staked BONE. Users can trade and lend the liquidity token, thus expanding their income.

Meanwhile, K9 Finance has made known the date for the impending launch of its native token, KNINE. As indicated yesterday, KNINE will officially launch on 7, 2024.

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The news comes more than fourteen days after the team made known the presale of KNINE. In a January 31 announcement, K9 mentioned that the token’s presale was fruitful as the request surpassed supply.

Thus, it vowed to plan a date for the token generation occasion. Presently, the team, through its DAO pioneer and X user ‘Buzz.Shib’, has at last declared the date for the occasion, which will go live on March 7.

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Shibarium Seen Amazing Progress

In the meantime, Shibarium has kept on recording huge steps since its mainnet send-off in August 2023. The L2 blockchain is presently upheld across numerous wallets and exchanges, including, Exodus Wallet, Atomic Wallet, and Frontier Wallet.

Eminently, Shibarium’s reconciliation on different platforms has contributed massively to a spike in its user’s activities. At the time of writing, Shibarium flaunts up to 352 million complete transactions, 1.35 million addresses, and more than 3.2 million blocks have been minted.

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