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Luna Classic Labs Announces Departure from Terraform Labs (TFL) Over Wallet Issues

In a significant move within the Luna Classic (LUNC) community, Luna Classic Labs has announced its decision to sever ties with Terraform Labs (TFL) due to ongoing issues with TFL’s Terra Station v3 wallet. Mike P., a prominent figure within the community, took to social media to express his frustration and outline the steps Luna Classic Labs will take to distance itself from TFL.

Terra Classic To Part Way With Terraform Labs

The announcement comes after a prolonged period of dissatisfaction with TFL’s handling of the Luna Classic network, particularly evident in the latest release of Terra Station v3. Users reported numerous broken elements when interacting with the Terra Classic network, including governance functions, swaps, and sending transactions.

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“This TFL Station wallet no longer reflects the basic requirements of the LunaClassic community in any way,” stated Mike P. in his tweet, echoing the sentiments of many within the community who have grown disillusioned with TFL’s approach.

 Luna Classic Labs’ concrete steps to disassociate itself from TFL

  1. Removal of Mentions and Links: Any references and URL links to TFL websites, including the TFL Station wallet, will be removed from the Luna Classic Labs website.
  2. Revisions to LUNC Guide: The “LUNC Guide” on the Luna Classic Labs website will undergo revisions to eliminate any mention of TFL’s web properties, specifically removing instructions related to the installation and creation of wallets using TFL’s Station wallet.
  3. New Community Wallet Support: Luna Classic Labs will provide enhanced support for alternative community wallets such as Strath, Galaxy, and Keplr. This includes creating step-by-step guides for installing and creating new wallets on these platforms.
  4. Collaboration for Alternative Wallets: Luna Classic Labs will actively collaborate with individuals and entities interested in developing alternative wallets for the #LUNC community. This collaboration may take the form of personal engagement, public support, or financial backing from Luna Classic Labs.

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The decision underscores Luna Classic Labs’ commitment to fostering a strong sense of community and addressing the needs of its users. By distancing itself from TFL and actively supporting alternative wallet solutions, Luna Classic Labs aims to empower users and ensure a seamless experience within the Luna Classic ecosystem.

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