Unleashing the Power of NFTs: Exploring Tensor (TNSR) on Solana

Bitget, a renowned cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 company, has recently added Tensor (TNSR) to its platform, offering Solana users an advanced NFT marketplace that caters to both traders and creators.

The addition of Tensor to Bitget’s platform is a significant boost to the exchange’s offerings, as it expands its NFT marketplace and provides users access to one of the most advanced NFT marketplaces available on Solana. Tensor offers a robust marketplace experience, with unparalleled liquidity across the Solana ecosystem and coverage of over 30,000 collections, making it easy for traders to explore a wide range of NFTs.

The platform has a lightning-fast, composable user interface that ensures real-time updates, providing a seamless trading experience. The advanced functionality of Tensor caters to professionals, offering full support for market-making orders and collection-wide bids.

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Tensor also introduces a groundbreaking feature called “price lock,” which allows traders to long or short NFTs for just a 3% upfront fee.

For creators, Tensor provides a comprehensive collection management hub that enables seamless management of NFT collections. The platform’s launchpad empowers creators to release various Solana NFTs, including pNFTs and compressed formats.

The Overview of Bidget

Bitget is a leading cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 company that has consistently expanded its market share in both spot and derivatives trading among centralized exchanges. The platform is now one of the top 10 crypto spot trading platforms, offering over 700 coins and 800 pairs, including BTC, ETH, SOL, and more. In 2023 alone, the platform added over 350 new listings, further diversifying investment options for users. Bitget Wallet, the platform’s multi-chain crypto wallet, supports over 100 mainnets and 250,000+ tokens. Its on-chain trading function, Bitget Swap, enables cross-chain trading between nearly 30 mainnets.

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In summary, Bitget’s addition of Tensor to its platform provides Solana users with a state-of-the-art NFT marketplace that caters to both traders and creators, offering unparalleled liquidity across the Solana ecosystem and a wide range of NFTs. The platform’s advanced functionality and groundbreaking “price lock” feature, along with Bitget’s commitment to diversifying investment options for users, make it an excellent choice for cryptocurrency traders and investors.

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