XRP: Analyst BarriC Predicts Low-Cost Entry Points Now, Huge Gains Ahead


Analyst BarriC has outlined a bold prediction for XRP, suggesting the current price represents a prime buying opportunity before a significant price surge.

BarriC joins a growing chorus of analysts who believe XRP is nearing the end of its affordability window. In a recent social media post, he argued that investors may soon miss out on the chance to acquire XRP at such low prices.

Bargain Basement XRP

BarriC believes any XRP purchase below $0.80 qualifies as a steal. He anticipates XRP reaching a range of $1 to $3 by the conclusion of the ongoing bull run, expected to finish by 2025. This implies BarriC expects XRP to climb substantially during this bull cycle, as $3 would then be considered cheap.

Double-Digit XRP and Beyond

BarriC further predicts XRP will rebound from a potential low of $3 and surge into double digits before the next Bitcoin halving projected for 2028. He consequently proposes that the following bargain window for XRP will fall between $10 and $15, specifically between 2028 and 2029. Considering the current price, XRP would need a staggering 2,367% increase to reach $15 in five years.

XRP: A Potential Triple-Digit Gem

BarriC doesn’t stop at double digits, envisioning XRP remaining undervalued even at $100 or higher. He speculates that another opportunity to purchase XRP at a favourable price might arise after the next Bitcoin halving, potentially around 2032 to 2033. During this period, BarriC anticipates XRP trading within a range of $100 to $500. This aligns with sentiments expressed by Shannon Thorp, a banker and XRP influencer, who suggested XRP could still be undervalued at $500.

It’s worth noting that BarriC’s scenario could theoretically place XRP’s fully diluted market capitalization at around $50 trillion.

The Takeaway

While BarriC’s predictions paint an optimistic picture of XRP’s long-term potential, it’s crucial to remember they are speculative. The core message BarriC conveys is that investors may continue to find XRP at attractive prices for some time. However, as he wisely concludes, “It’s your choice what you’re willing to pay for.”


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