Shiba Inu Collaborates with CDSA, SHIB Burn Rate

Shiba Inu (SHIB) continues to make waves with a new collaboration and a community-driven burn initiative. Shytoshi Kusama, the anonymous leader of SHIB, recently addressed the community regarding their partnership with the Content Delivery Security Association (CDSA).

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This collaboration focuses on exploring the potential of blockchain technology within the media and entertainment industry. Kusama, in a message shared by SHIB’s social media lead Lucie, highlighted how this partnership will empower CDSA executives to “better utilize these innovative technologies” as blockchain and AI converge.

Founded in 1970, CDSA is a non-profit organization dedicated to best practices in content delivery and security for entertainment, software, and IT. Their focus on content security, protection, and authenticity aligns with SHIB’s potential contributions through blockchain expertise.

SHIB Burn Rate Heats Up

The SHIB community remains active on the burning front. According to Shibburn data, nearly 300 million SHIB (272,441,541 to be exact) were burned in the past week, resulting in a 13.2% increase in the weekly burn rate. However, the past 24 hours saw a significant drop, with only 3,044,312 SHIB burned, reflecting a 95.54% decrease.

Burning SHIB reduces the circulating supply, potentially leading to price appreciation in the long run. The community’s dedication to burning demonstrates their commitment to the project’s growth.

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Looking Ahead: Blockchain Life Forum

Kusama also extended an invitation to the SHIB community for the upcoming Blockchain Life Forum in Dubai. The event, happening in less than a week, will feature a “Meme Night Cocktail Reception” organized by Metis and FreeLabs, where the SHIB team will showcase their latest developments.

With a focus on media and entertainment and continued community engagement, Shiba Inu’s future remains exciting for its loyal SHIB army.

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