Grant Thornton Pensions Fund Selects Cardano as Fiduciary Manager

The Grant Thornton Pensions Fund, with £250 million in assets under management, has chosen Cardano as its fiduciary manager following a competitive selection process. Cardano will now handle investment advice, investment management, and risk management services for the pension scheme on behalf of its principal employer, professional services firm Grant Thornton.

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Focus on Matching Liabilities and Delivering Steady Returns

Cardano will employ a two-pronged approach to manage the Grant Thornton Pensions Fund. First, they will implement a segregated liability-driven investment mandate specifically designed to match the scheme’s liabilities. Second, Cardano will create a dynamically-managed growth portfolio to ensure consistent returns for the fund.

Cardano to Provide Investment and Risk Management Services

Grant Thornton Pensions Fund Chair of Trustees Carl Williams expressed his satisfaction with the decision, stating, “We weren’t certain if fiduciary management was the right course for us, but after meeting the Cardano team, it was evident that this was the path to take, and they were the ideal team for the job.” Williams further praised Cardano’s “effectiveness in engaging with our trustee board” and highlighted their “impressive client references” and “smooth and cost-effective onboarding” as factors that solidified their decision.

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Cardano Welcomes Appointment and Looks Forward to Collaboration

Cardano Client Director Steve Berkovi echoed the sentiment of a positive working relationship, stating, “We’re delighted to have been appointed… We can already see this will be a great fit.” Berkovi emphasized their successful transition of assets and expressed his enthusiasm for collaborating with the Grant Thornton Pensions Fund’s trustees, principal employer, and other advisors “to help secure members’ benefits.”


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