TerraCVita Urges People To Vote A Yes For The Proposal To Re-enable IBC, Some Community Members Go Against. Here Is Why


In a recent tweet shared by TerraCVita, canvasing the community to vote on the proposal to re-enable the Terra Classic Inter Blockchain Community (IBC) channels authored by a couple of its members.

TerraCVita Call The Community To Vote Yes For The Proposal

“Great progress to re-establish IBCs and bring life to TerraClassicfrom Talentekija one of our fantastic devs TerracVita”

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Notably, fragwuerdig, the original proposer authored it with the help of Rex Harrison, AKA Rexzy or RexYellerBelly. The TerraCVita members published the proposal codified as proposal 10880 in October.

Community Members Go Against TerraCVita Statement

Following TerraCVita’s statement, a community member, reXx of the Terra Rebels raised concerns over how the authors noted in his proposal. Per reXx, the proposal appears to want to coerce the voters into voting “yes.” Moreover, he notes that voting “no” should not mean that the community does not want IBC re-opened.

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Furthermore, reXx noted that the proposed changes will not kick in as the proposal suggests should it pass a governance vote as developers have not finished testing the IBC code.


Aside from the reXx, some of the community members also stood against the technical nature of the proposal. And they further noted that most of the users could not get the proposal ideology

The allegation by the reXx also prompted a response from the proposal author, denying any claims that the proposal was trying to coerce community members but asserting that he was just a community member with technical skills suggesting the IBC re-opening to the community.

it is worth noting that IBC has been on the Terra classic network until the May collapse which led to the deactivation of the protocol to prevent further exploitation.

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