Shiba Inu Price Recovery: Enthusiasts Eye $0.0001 Target Despite Recent Setbacks

Shiba Inu (SHIB), the meme coin inspired by the popular dog breed, experienced a rollercoaster ride in April. After suffering a 22.73% price drop in the last 30 days due to widespread market corrections, SHIB has struggled to break past the $0.000024 resistance level.

However, amidst the current challenges, many Shiba Inu enthusiasts remain optimistic about the coin’s future. Several market observers have made predictions about a potential price surge, with some even targeting a price of $0.0001.

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Analyst Speculations Fuel Optimism

Market analyst Eunice Wong believes Shiba Inu is on the cusp of a “second leg” bull run, similar to the aggressive rally it witnessed between February and March that pushed its price to a three-year high. Wong anticipates this next leg could propel SHIB to $0.000125.

Another analyst, Bunchhieng, on the TradingView platform, draws parallels between the current market situation and the 2021 bull run, where SHIB skyrocketed by over 800,000%. Bunchhieng suggests a similar price trajectory is possible this time around, with SHIB potentially reaching $0.0001.

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Crypto pundits Oscar Ramos and Gem Sheriff echoed similar sentiments last month during the Shiba Inu rally. Ramos expressed his belief that SHIB reaching $0.0001 is “100% happening,” while Sheriff presented a technical chart outlining a path for SHIB to surpass $0.00011.

Can Shiba Inu Hit $0.0001 This Year?

Most analysts projecting a $0000.1 price target anticipate it happening within the current bull market, expected to end in 2025. To reach this level, SHIB would need a 303% increase from its current price of $0.0000248. Notably, SHIB achieved a 350% price surge in less than ten days last month, suggesting the 303% target is achievable.

However, Changelly’s researchers offer a more conservative outlook, predicting SHIB might only reach $0.0001 by 2027. It’s crucial to remember that all these predictions are speculative and should not be considered financial advice.


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