Terra Classic Community Backs Upgrade Proposal for Improved Network Stability

The Terra Classic community has overwhelmingly voted in favour of Proposal 12110, submitted by developer group Genuine Labs. This proposal outlines a series of critical upgrades aimed at bolstering network stability, preventing potential disruptions, and ensuring a smooth transition to the next version of the Terra Classic blockchain.

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Addressing the App Hash Error and Legacy Contract Support

A key focus of the proposal is resolving the persistent app hash error that has plagued the current Terra Classic version. This error stems from incompatibility between state sync and WASM (WebAssembly) smart contracts. Nodes relying on state sync require separate WASM downloads, leading to app hash issues when encountering WASM transactions on nodes without these downloads.

Genuine Labs’ proposal tackles this issue head-on by introducing version 3 with support for state sync in WASM. This upgrade streamlines network operations and eliminates the app hash error, promoting overall stability. Additionally, the upgrade enables support for legacy contracts with WASMD 0.45.0, which were previously incompatible during Genesis initialization. This broader compatibility strengthens the network’s infrastructure.

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Preventing P2P Storms and Network Disruptions

The proposal also prioritizes safeguarding the network against peer-to-peer (P2P) storms. These storms can overwhelm the network with excessive traffic, causing performance degradation. To address this vulnerability, the proposal advocates for backporting changes to limit the memo and receiver length within IBC-go for both IBC v6 and v7 protocols. This measure enhances network robustness and prevents potential disruptions caused by P2P storms. The specific pull requests outlining these changes are available for community review on the Terra Classic GitHub repository.

Maintaining Compatibility During Upgrades

As the network progresses from version 2 to 3 and upgrades from Cosmos SDK 46 to 47, maintaining compatibility with crucial dependencies is paramount. The proposal by Genuine Labs acknowledges this necessity and incorporates updates for Mantlemint, classic-rust, and classic-bindings. These updates address potential breaking changes that might arise during the upgrade process, ensuring seamless transitions and continued functionality of these dependencies. The specific pull requests for these updates can also be found on the Terra Classic GitHub repository.

Community Comments Genuine Labs’ Work

The community’s positive response to proposal 12110 reflects their appreciation for Genuine Labs’ comprehensive approach. The proposal demonstrates a commitment to long-term network health by meticulously addressing critical errors, enhancing stability, and ensuring smooth upgrades. The collaborative efforts with validators and the detailed documentation provided by Genuine Labs further solidify their dedication to the Terra Classic ecosystem.

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